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Javan's Poetry


Something to Someone


Page One

We are all born into this World with certain

abilities and various needs. The challenge of Life is

for us to discover those abilities and to use them, while

fulfilling our needs. Each person must do this within

the realm of a completely unique set of circumstances.

Our abiliteis are as many and varied as there are

people, but we will find that our needs are common to all.

The need that offers the greatest potential for joy

is also the need that offers the greatest potential for pain,

the need to share our life with someone.


Page Two

I don't wish to be

Everything to Everyone

But I would like to be

Something to Someone


Page Three

I t's so easy

To think about Love

To talk about Love

To wish for Love

But it's not always easy

To recognize Love

Even when we hold it

In our hands


Page Four

I am a collection of characteristics

Both physical and mental

That makes me completely unique

No one else anywhere

Is exactly like me

And I realize  that  not everyone

Who crosses my path

Will be interested

In what I have to offer

But my strength comes

From the belief

That Someone


Can and Will

Appreciate me

For what I am


Page Five

Being Human

I will make mistakes

I will say things that shouldn't be  said

I will do things that shouldn't be done

And these things will bring pain

To myself and unfortunately to others

But when the time comes

That I have hurt enough

To ask for forgiveness from God above

And understanding from my fellow man

Then I will have the strength

To continue

Being Human


Page Six

I've noticed a paradox

In this cold world where strangers seldom speak

And Heaven forbid should they ever touch

But on a dance floor when slow music plays

Two strangers can come together

Without questions

Without lies

And while the music is playing

They can express a basic human need

To hold

And be held

And somehow I can't help but believe

That the whole world

Should learn to play

A little more

"Slow Music"


Page Seven

When the music slowed

I crossed the crowded room

And reached out to her

She came without hesitation

Not as a stranger

Who had shared only a smile

She placed her hand in mine

Her head on my shoulder

And her body close to mine

As the music played

I could feel her trembling

From all the loneliness inside

Yet we never spoke

Fore there really wasn't anything

That needed to be said

When the song ended

She returned to her world

And I to mine

Now after all the years

I will occasionally close my eyes

And relive those few moments

That we shared


Page Eight

You can know someone better

In a moment of Honesty

Than ever you can

In a lifetime of Lies


Page Nine

From time to time

Two paths will cross

Then merge together

To appear to be one

And as such will travel

Many miles

But so often

The fortunes of the World

Make it neccessary

For them to separate

In order to reach

Their own Destinations


Page Ten

The pain we feel

When someone leaves our Live

Is in direct proportion

To the joy they bring

While a part of our Life

Page Eleven

For a few moments

In my Life

You made me feel

As if I truly meant

Something To Someone



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