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Javan's Poetry





Page One

Walk gently through the pages of this book,

for here you will find many well worn paths,

and some may even bear your footprints.

If you should find a particularly familiar path,

do not hesitate to pause long enough to say

"I've been there before."



Page Two

I speak

Because I know my needs

I speak with hesitation

Because I know not yours

My words

Come from my life's experiences

Your understanding

Comes from yours

Because of this

What I say

And what you hear

May not be the same

So if you will listen carefully

But not with your ears

To what I say

But not with my tongue

Maybe somehow

We can communicate




Page Three

Time is the essence of all life

This is especially true

In the relationship between people

As more time is spent with someone

The feelings toward that someone

Become more defined

As with Parents, Teachers, and Friends


So please don't think of me as a Stranger

But as Someone

With whom you've never shared any time

If given this opportunity

You might learn to feel toward me

As you do toward your friends

And Loved Ones




Page Four

Lord - Please, quick

Give me a line

Or something to say

That might start to explain

The storm raging inside me

Since she walked into the room

Just one line that will let her know

The feelings deep in my Heart


Lord - Please try hard

And do better this time

For the last one wasn't impressed

With "Hi Babe, what's cooking"



Page Five

There are so many words

Yet there are no words

For when I look into your eyes

No words need to be spoken

And the warmth of your smile

To a statement in itself

And how could I ever try to explain

The trembling in my body

When I touch your face


There are no words to explain an emotion

So I open to you my mind

That you might walk

Among my Dreams and Memories

Then ... and only then

You might understand my silence



Page Six


Four footprints in the sand

Waves washing to shore

The moon hiding behind fluorescent clouds

A star for wishing

Indentions in the sand of two people huddled close

Silence - and yet conversation

The chill of the wind blowing in from the sea

Lights on distant ships





The sun awakening across the horizon


Four footprints running in the sand

As if tomorrow could never come


A feeling of Happiness - deep inside

Living Life






Two footprints in the sand






Page Seven

I work early this morning

To the silent sound of raindrops

Caressing the window

I pulled the curtain to greet the morning

But a fog covered the window

Without thinking I took my finger

And wrote your name in the moisture


Now, it was time to prepare

To face another day

For some reason

Just before leaving

I returned to the bedroom

To look once more at your name

But it too -

Was gone


Page Eight


Someone asked me

If I had forgotten you

With a moment's thought and a subtle smile

I answered no


No, I haven't forgotten

The years we shared

When you gave to me

And I gave to you

And like everything else in Life

Some was good

Some was bad


But to completely forget

Would create a void in my life


So even as I say

I'm over you

I have the strength to choose

Not to forget you



Page Nine

You look into the mirror

At lines there were not there yesterday

And find a couple more hairs turning gray

With a nervous glance at me

You wonder if

I notice "Little Things"


Later, as I lay beside you

And sleep has close your eyes

I think of the way you stroked my hair

And how, before you hung my jacket

You held it close to you


I reach out and take your hand

And with all the Love the world has ever known

I bring it to my lips

For yes

I notice "Little Things"



Page Ten

You came into my life



But not unwanted

You came at a time that I needed

A tender smile

A gentle touch

Another's company

You came with understanding

For you asked no questions


With loving care

You healed my wounds

And nursed me to heath again

Then you watched over me

Till I regained my courage

To face the World again

And in your wisdom

You realized my need to be free

So you tied no bonds


Now each night

Wherever I am

I think of you

Wherever you are

And in my Heart I repeat

"Thank You"




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