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Javan's Poetry


A Heart Full of Love


Page One

Life is a time for learning.

We must learn that our Life is as important

as that of any other person on Earch,

but never more important. We must learn

that we have every right to Happiness,

yet it is up to us to find and recognize it.

We must learn that Life is not easy

nor is it permanent, others will come and go,

and often their departure will cause us pain.

We must learn to develop a positive attitude

that can handle Life's disappointments.

And we must learn that in order to find Love,

we must look inside our own Heart.

Fore if we can't find it within,

we will never find it without.


Page Two

I think I would rather possess

Eyes that know no sight

Ears that know no sound

Hands that know no touch

Than a Heart

That knows no Love


Page Three

I  will know Love

No matter waht circumstances

The World may give me

No matter how many people

Choose to turn and walk away

I will find Love

In the laughter of little children

In the gentleness of animals

In the beauty and glory of Nature

In the knowledge of myself

And when my day comes

That I find someone who does not turn away

I will give Love

With all my Heart


Page Four

There is Someone Special

In this World for me

For that's the way I believe

It was meant to be

So I search every face

In the crowd I see

For there is Someone Special

In this World for me

And the only reason I can think of

That she's not here with me

Is she must have turned left

At Albuquerque


Page Five

Have you ever noticed

That the words


"I'm sorry"

"I love you"

Are so easy to pronounce

... Yet so hard to say


Page Six

If you can just turn

And walk away

And feel there's nothing more

You need to say

And you do not feel a tearing

In your Heart

If you can so easily

 Forget about me

And all the things

I tried to be

Then I guess there was really no reason

For you to stay


Page Seven

I don't think it was selfish

That I wanted to be with you

That I wanted to share your laughter

That I wanted to protect you from your fears

That I wanted to be a part of your Life

But I admit I had my needs

I needed understanding

I needed someone to hold

I needed someone to talk to

For you can only hold a pillow

For so long

And there is only so much you can say

To a dog


Page Eight

We must realize that in the realm of Mankind

There are no kings, queens, or presidents

No judges, officers, doctors, preachers, or teachers

Not even fathers, mothers, daughters, or sons

There are only Human Beings

Who wear these titles

And no matter what little

A person may wear

From time to time

He or she will make

Some very

Human Mistakes


Page Nine

A child does not have to be taught

How to be happy

Or the ways of Love

It is fear, hatred, and prejudice

That have to be taught

And from the condition of the World

We can see

That unfortunately

There are some very good teachers


Page Ten

What greater Lesson

Can a Human Being learn

Than to guide his words and actions

To be considerate

Of the needs and feelings

Of all the other occupants

Of this World

Page Eleven

Death is not the Opposite of Life

It is a part of Life

A part we've not yet explored

And thus do not understand

And it is only natural to fear

What we do not understand

But with the right attitude

We can make Life beautiful

With this same attitude

Can Death not be the same


Page Twelve

Maybe I didn't solve

Any of the World's problems today

But I did try to conduct my Life

In such a way

That I did not add to them

Page Thirteen

If I should come out ahead

At the end of this game called Life

It won't be because of my fancy style

Or that I knew how to play it well

But more because I just kept getting up

And plodding along

Till the World finally just got tired

Or knocking me down


Page Fourteen

If it's just a Game

That we play

Before we leave this Earth

For the Heavens above

Then surely the one who wins

Is the one who learns

How to have

A Life full of Living

And a Heart full of Love






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